Celebrate your Holidays and Special Occasions on our Luxury Cruises

Cruising on Goan rivers is a fine experience any given day. But holiday and specialty cruises with Champions Yacht Club can take celebrations to a next level, making the special days of your life some of the most memorable ones. Almost Nothingnothing else can give a bigger high than partying on a luxury cruise and holidaying with your favourite people by your side.

New Year Party Celebration in Goa

Hundreds and thousands of people from across the globe choose Goa as their New Year party destination. But a New Year party in Goa can be much more fun when you celebrate it on a cruise. On yacht food, music, friends and awesome crowd can make your celebration much grander.

Valentine's Day Party in Goa

The romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day on a private cruise is probably the most exclusive experience that one can have. We host Valentine’s Day parties every year on our cruises offering some of the finest wines and food available in Goa. You can gaze into the eyes of your beloved for hours together and enjoy a boat party at the same time, while we take care of everything that happens in the background.

Easter Brunch Cruises

We loved the idea of Easter brunch on blue Goan waters and that is why we started organising them on our luxury yachts and boats. Indulge in fine delicacies and classy wines with your families and friends. Enjoy a brunch on Goan backwaters and make memories that last forever.

Mother's Day/Father's Day Brunch & Dinner Cruises

As part of our holiday and specialty cruises we also organise Mother’s Day and Father's Day special brunch and dinner. This could be the moment of your life when you can surprise your Dad or your Mom along with the rest of your family by treating them with an extravagant brunch or dinner on a boat charter.

Friendship Day Lunch & Dinner

What better way to enjoy with your pack than go on a voyage on a private yacht along the Goan backwaters. Celebrate Friendship Day like never before with our onboard extravagant lunch and dinner.

Thanks Giving Cruise

This Thanks Giving you can take the level of expressing your gratitude towards your closed ones one level above. Plan to celebrate this year’s Thanks Giving on one of our private yachts as we offer a wide range of on yacht facilities and sumptuous food to enjoy with your loved ones.

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