Luxury Yacht And Cruise Services Luxury Yacht And Cruise Services

Experience Goa with the finest luxury yacht cruises across Asia

Champion Yacht Club provides a variety of luxury yacht and boat services for travel enthusiasts. We promise you safe, reliable and most exciting moments on the Goan waters to enable you experience the exotic side of Goa like never before.

Now you don't have to buy a private yacht to enjoy the marine world of Goa. At Champions Yacht Club, we provide luxury yachts and boats on rent at an affordable range for your personal use.

You can choose amongst a widest and finest range of yachts across Asia. We have a yacht for every occasion. You can rejoice the beauty of the Arabian Sea by simply renting a yacht or a boat from us. Whether you want to hire yachts in Goa or hire a boat - we bring the fun side of Goa to you: 'Sun, Sea, and Surf!' Sail through one of our Luxury yachts or boats and experience the ultimate pampering and attention that you deserve.

Customised corporate and family event packages at Goa's finest yacht club

Champions Yacht Club Goa offers a series of customized event packages like corporate events, exquisite photo shoots, wedding, special occasions and birthday celebrations. You can now plan the finest detail of your corporate event or that special surprise for your loved ones with the team of experts at the Champions Yacht Club. With our team on board you can be rest assured to host an event that is carefully planned and exceptionally delivered.

Corporate Events

Corporate events on cruise in Goa is the trendiest way to celebrate your promotion party, have a conference, or conduct a team-building activity. The add-ons involve meetings getting more productive, clients feeling completely elated, and your team becomes entirely special. Any corporate event you can think of be it award ceremony, conference, trade show, and lot more, yacht party is the best way to stand out.

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Flaunt your exclusivity by celebrating weddings and birthdays in a yacht. From overseas wedding parties to dazzling birthday treats, yachts are the most exotic place to celebrate your special day.

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Photo / Video Shoot

Photo shoots and video shoots on the cruise have become a hot favorite location for most photographers. While celebrity and magazine photo and video shoot on the yacht has always been a craze, elite class too is attracted to facing the camera eye.

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Special Occasion

Special occasions in life need special locations to celebrate. What can be a better option than celebrating while cruising on the Goa waters?

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Romantic Island Picnic/Dinner Package

Islands are made for romance. They're the best romantic getaways for honeymooners, a wedding anniversary or any couple's vacation where you can enjoy a beautiful natural resort, romantic restaurant, activities, and quiet for two. From the SouthEnd to North Goa, our travel experts have found these ideas for your best romantic getaway ever. Check out Dining in the middle of water @ Champions Divar Island Yacht Club.

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Yacht Management

Through yacht management services, Champions Yacht Club supplies support to captains and other crew to ensure maintenance and operations of the yacht. Our staff ensures the highest possible standards to be maintained.

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Boat / Yacht Rental

Champions Club provides the best boat and yacht rentals you could ever imagine to cruise through the waters of Goa. Our customers love our fully-equipped boats and yachts for their special occasions with loved ones and also corporate and social gatherings.

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Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury yacht charters are perfect for your ultimate vacations if you relish fine paraphernalia and blue waters. Luxury yachts are the best way to explore most beautiful parts of Goa on your journey accompanied with mouth-watering cuisine and exemplary services.

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Luxury Cruise Packages

The adventure of a lifetime is all yours with a cruise on our luxury licensed yachts. Take in the famous sights and sounds of Goa from an altogether unique perspective, and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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Water Sports

Water sports is one of the top activities tourists lookout for once they enter Goa. Champions Yacht Club provides varied range of water sports like sailing, kayaking, parasailing, jet skis, water zorbing, boat rides, speed boats, and a lot more.

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Boat parties / Yacht parties

Enjoy the breathtaking view while partying hard over the waters of Goa. We feature the best legendary parties of all sorts you can ever think of. Soak yourself in the morning sun or dance all night swaying to groovy DJ music.

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Hire a Speed Boats / Ferry Service

Hire a speed boat or a ferry service to steer way in Goa. Speed boats and ferries are the best way to enjoy the marine beauty of Goa.

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Food & Beverages on Board

Splurge on the exuberant cuisine on the yacht while sailing through the waters of Goa. Champions Yacht Club has on-board chefs with a great grasp for food to serve the customers as per their choice.

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