Subhakar Rao Surapaneni's take on the scope of Nautical Tourism in Goa

I, Subhakar Rao Surapaneni, is excited to tell you about my team's latest project- Champions Yacht Club. Some of my past endeavours include Champion Prefabs, IP Momentum, MetricFox, Champion Yachts and many more! Throughout my career, even today, I have just one objective in mind- to deliver the best products/ services at the most cost- effective rates, enabling all stratas of society enjoy it all.

The current trend of tourists visiting Goa is predominantly for its night life, beaches, adventure sports and a few historical places. But just this is not enough to develop Goa as a great world class beach tourist hub like Male, Mahe or even Phuket.

If Goa has to move up to the next level as one of the top beach tourist destinations in the world, then we need to look beyond its current offerings in travel segment and focus on Nautical Tourism in Goa. This was one of the primary motives behind which the Champions Yacht Club was founded. Nautical Tourism is where the future of Goa lies; it could be a billion dollar travel industry for Goa.

Champions Yacht Club is an honest endeavour by Subhakar Rao Surapaneni to provide something premium and luxurious travel services to the discerning travellers. With Champions Yacht Club, we offer luxurious lifestyles to enjoy the best that Goa has to offer. Not only that, Champions Yacht Club also let travellers to enjoy some of the lesser explored beauties of Goa. For example, the stunning backwaters of Goa and serene places like Divar Island and Mayem Lake. Champions Yacht Club has already started to ply some luxurious boats for travel recreation in these places.

My motto is to offer various exciting choices in water sports segment. Unlike the traditional old boats which are mainly used for transportation and ferrying purposes on Goan backwaters - Champions Yacht Club uses modern boats which travellers can ride, fish and play some exciting water sports. Para sailing, sea surfing, zorbing, sea biking and many more are also available with Champions Yacht Club. At Divar Island, one can have the highest boating options and travellers can even have a meal right in the middle of a lake in a floating BBQ boat.

Yacht charter is Champions Yacht Club's flagship product. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni has introduced some of the most exciting and luxurious yachts in Goa. Yacht Services are not just limited to regular cruises like morning cruise, sunset cruise, or romantic cruise. There is whole lot of interesting charter that Champions Yacht Club conducts for customers. We have also introduced the concept of owning modern yachts for the elite class at the fractional cost of membership. Fractional cost of ownership allows people to own a yacht and they can use some of the luxurious yachts as a resort to relax, indulge and unwind. These luxurious yachts are also rented on per day/night basis for travellers.

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