CYC Fractional Ownership of Up-Class Yachts and Cruisers in Goa

Going to one of the finest vacation destinations in India such as Goa, and renting a yacht for a half day or full cruise across blue waters is an experience unmatched. A CYC fractional ownership for Goa can do even better than this for you by allowing you to become one of their deemed members and letting you be an owner of this luxury sea vessel. This indeed can be a dream come true!

How this makes your life easier?

Buying and owning a luxury yacht is much easier affair compared to maintaining and managing them. Not to mention, being single owner of a yacht can always cost you a fortune. What Champions Yacht Club brings as part of this one-of-its kind concept is while you own your yacht in Goa with few other co-owners at a much lesser price, it is Champions Yacht Club that takes care of entire management of these luxury machines. This gives you a complete freedom and peace of mind, while also saving a lot of money.

Additional benefits

If you are someone who really loves cruising on yachts and are dreaming to own one, then a CYC fractional ownership for Goa is just the logical solution. Most of the single owners around the country use their yachts very rarely in a year but still have to shell out a bomb towards annual maintenance costs. Here, fractional ownership concept totally takes care of this additional overhead as the management and maintenance is fully provided by CYC itself.

Different fractional ownership packages

This fractional ownership packages entitle you to 25% ownership of a luxury yacht. The party cruise boat gives you couple of bedrooms along with a party deck that can host 50 to 200 guests. The packages include all membership benefits, 5 cruises per year, and 25 friends and family coupons per year. You get 20% of the Usage Weeks out of 30 operational weeks, which is 40 days in a year. Additional perk includes unlimited sailing, non-motor boat activities and Jet ski/hovercraft rides – all free of cost! The entry level fractional ownership package costs Rs.75 Lakhs to 1.25 Crores onwards/ $112k to $187k. And then, there is the top-of-the-line fractional ownership package with Speed Ferry/Fast Catamaran that costs in the range of 3 Crores to 20 Crores onwards/$448k to 3 Million. Contact us to know what more we have in store for you with a CYC Fractional Ownership for Goa.

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