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Feel the adrenaline rush inside you. The world of incredible adventures with Water Sports in Goa packed with thrill and excitement waits. Indulge in a wide range of watersports in Goa, take the plunge, dive right through the deep blue water and cut through across the sparkling waves or explore the underwater fun. Our Water sports in Goa has different water sport activity and water sports packages of for everyone to hit the golden waves!

Treat the watersports adventure junkie inside you!

Want to stay above the water, explore the underwater world or just glide above the Island? To quench your thirst for thrills we are fully equipped with an array of popular watersports in Goa and best adventure activities to suit every interest and the level of experience.

Goa is known to be the place where people can do anything they wish to do! You want to go skydiving- you can do it. Try out any of the water sports in Goa from across the globe by Champions Yacht Club because, you're unstoppable in Goa. One of the reasons why Goa has successfully been able to attract travelers from across nations is because of the attitude and the feel it has with regard to taking risks, trying out new things, having fun and more.

Serene beaches, attractive beachwear and a lot of enthusiasm is all you need when you're traveling to Goa! Last but not the least, a yacht too for the best partying. Rent a yacht and enjoy water sports in Goa by us by the Mandovi River. Some of the many water sports we provide with are all mentioned here. Check out the most popular watersports indulged in in Goa:


Banana Boat

It's an inflatable boat and can accommodate around 6 people. Looks like a banana and, it's extremely funny to look at yet, extremely adventurous. It can glide over waves, making it had to resist. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed. However, this bana boat watersports in Goa is most popular during corporate events- it encourages team building, trust, etc



Thought you'd never fit into a ball? Well, you can! Zorbing watersport in Goa is all about getting into a transparent ball, keeping you within it safe and secure and you can enjoy it once you're any age above 10!


Ringo Ride

One amazing ride you can definitely try out- it's a circular tube over the water surface and it's so much fun which is one of our Goa watersports, mandovi river! An exciting sport which always makes you feel like 'this is it!' and the experience is endless and always unique. However, some common guidelines must be followed for your safety like, children must not be allowed and tight clothes must be worn.


Speed boating

Another thriller, part of watersports activites at CYC- it's fast (can reach upto 20 mph) and you have to wear life jackets and be seated with your instructors or guides. It's a heavy boat with immense power- can accommodate around 8 individuals. A 100% summer boar- fun, refreshing and leads to a lovely tan too!


Surf boarding

A water sport for the passionate- Surf boarding. Here, catch the wind, surf the mesmerizing waves! It's a skillful water sport and needs certain amounts of calculation like, judging the intensity of waves, the direction and so on. Spring and summer seasons are appropriate for surf boarding and individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to try out this water sport activity at Champion Yacht Club.


Sport fishing

Our Another Watersports activity for the not- so- sporting yet, sporting individuals, here comes sport fishing! Perfect during the months between October and December, it's all about offshore fishing. The equipments can turn out to be expensive but, who cares when you get to have quality seafood? Children can fish but, under adult supervision.

Water Sports Package – 2000/- INR per person*
(3 Hours Package)

  • Cruising + Water sports (Min. 10Pax)
  • Enjoy a brilliant combination of thrill, sightseeing & leisure on backwaters @Divar Island
  • Jet Ski | Bumper Ride | Banana Boat Ride| Kayaking | Zorbing |Self-Driven paddle boats |Battery-operated boats| Fishing
  • Inclusions:
    Beers/Mixed Fruit Juices | Veg/Non-veg Biriyani | Soft Drinks | Mineral Water | Peanuts & Chips

Water Sports & Fishing Package - 3000/- INR per person*
(4 Hours Package)

  • Cruising + Water sports + Fishing (Min. 10Pax)
  • Enjoy an array of exciting water sports, cruising & quality fishing on uncrowded backwaters @Divar Island
  • Jet Ski | Bumper Ride | Banana Boat Ride| Kayaking | Zorbing |Self-Driven paddle boats |Battery-operated boats| Fishing
  • Inclusions:
    Beers/Mixed Fruit Juices | Veg/Non-veg Biriyani | Soft Drinks | Mineral Water | Peanuts & Chips

Ride the extraordinary waves in style - It's thrilling!

Goa is an adventure hub for water lovers. And we want you to enjoy it! Enjoy watersports sailing in Goa like never before. Explore combo rides package of leisure, fun and excitement – Jet Ski, parasailing watersport in Goa, wakeboarding watersport in Goa, wind surfing watersport in Goa, kayaking watersport in Goa, banana ride watersport in Goa and much more amazing watersports activity that you can try on!

Pontoon Cruiser/Catamaran | Zorbing | Round Leisure Boat | Swan Boat | Pedal Boat | Motor Boat | Hummer Boat | Kayaking | Fishing | Crab Catching

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