A Reunion Party in Goa Can Always be Round the Corner

Making fun memories with your closed ones is always a nice idea and there need not be any right time for it. The best way to experience a reunion party in Goa can be on a private luxury yacht. Champions Yacht Club can help you plan your reunion party to absolute perfection.

A Dash of Luxury to Your Party

It goes without saying that any Goa cruise party can be fun but with one of our luxury boat charters we take things to a whole new level. You get an ambience of your choice that adds glamour and elegance to your celebration. To make things more heaven like we assure finest of luxury accommodations, plush carpeting, romantic setting, personalised care, awesome sound systems and basically everything that is impeccably stylish.

What you get as part of the package

The spacious setting on our yachts that can easily accommodate 2 to 200 people at a time, also offer dance floors, bar and lounge, big top decks and catering space. All of this gives enough liberty to celebrate your reunion party in Goa just the way you want.
Irrespective of the size of your group or your preferences, we at Champions Yacht Club would work hard to create the perfect setting to make your dream of a yacht party in Goa come true.

The Menu and Facilities

Just like any other celebration or party, food is going to be an integral part of your reunion party in Goa. But once you are onboard with us, we get you completely covered. You can expect nothing less than exceptional delicacies including sumptuous cuisine, fine dining, continental breakfast, an open bar, complementary drinks, happy cocktail hours and much more. You can also indulge in private shore excursions, and enjoy Live DJ music.

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