Champion Yacht Club Membership Plans for Goa

A dream luxury holiday in Goa can mean different things to different people, but the ones who always look for that extra edge of class, comfort and luxury in their vacations can find all their answers with a CYC Membership for Goa. The up -class membership gives you the ticket to take your family into a world of yachts and cruises and give them memories that can stay life-long.

What you get as a Member

To begin with, let us –crack-up the good news to you! When you go for Champions Club Membership, your holidays are not just restricted to Goa but you can also enjoy facilities like health club and holiday stay in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Driving luxury vehicles, enjoying a comfortable and healthy stay and partying at some of the up-class island parties in Goa hosted in Divar Island and Cavelossim, are just few perks of becoming a CYC member.

Additional perks include 20% off on all food and beverage purchases

CYC Membership for Goa offers more than you have signed up for You get an option of trading your inventory for larger rooms if you plan to go on vacations with huge group of extended family and friends. Our flexibilities doesn’t just end there as the resorts we have can also entertain your huge entourage with a plethora of activities that are available with us. Right from adventure sports, treks, family games, assorted workshops, hobby programs, water sports, camping to indoor sports – you name it, we have it.

Different Membership Options

CYC Membership for Goa and other parts of the country are available in different packages namely bronze, silver, gold and platinum. All of these packages are 10 year memberships and include world class luxurious amenities. In addition to these packages, there is also a corporate membership offering fractional ownership along with all other existing perks. The pricing and amenities of the packages can be seen in the table below.

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