Why Join Our Partner Program

why join CYC

High Commission on sale

why join CYC

Zero Operating Expenses

why join CYC

Visibility & Recognition on our website

why join CYC

Dedicated Sales personnel for you

No matter what size and type of Yacht you buy, our Partnership Program Benefits will remain the same for everyone!

Turn your dreams into reality and unlock the potential to become a Champions Yacht Club Partner!!! This partnership programme offers you all the benefits and joy of owning your own yacht with guaranteed returns of upto 10% p.a. and zero operating, insurance or maintenance costs.

Joining our programme is free too, so you really have nothing to lose. You need to pay only 59% of the yacht's purchase price and you will become 100% owner of a yacht of your choice.

You can also gain visibility and recognition by being listed as an official partner on Champions Yacht Club web page, with no extra investment. A dedicated sales and marketing personnel will be working for you to help you maximize your commissions.

We promise not to charge any further costs from you including yacht insurance, cost of repairs and high standard maintenance etc. All such costs will be entirely covered by Champions Yacht Club. We will provide you with professional yacht maintenance services as per industry standards.

You have to just relax and enjoy the rewards of becoming a partner!

Your partnership with Champions Yacht Club is fully guaranteed.

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