Own a Luxury Yacht in Vijayawada with CYC's Fractional Ownership Concept

Vijayawada is a land of beaches and blue lagoons. Unlike most other beach destinations in the country, the beaches here are less crowded and are hence enjoyed more by the people who spend time there. CYC fractional ownership for Vijayawada is a concept that can multiply your fun and excitement during your beach holidays in the steel city. The very unique concept lets you own a share of a luxury boat while keeping the botherations of yacht ownership at bay.

What makes it Unique and Exciting?

While there is no end to excitement in owning a yacht, it is the concept’s uniqueness that entices yacht lovers the most. When it comes to yacht charter India mostly has resellers who offer yacht rentals for a day or two. But owning a luxury yacht continues to be a distant dream for most sea sailing lovers. It is only a reputed yacht club like Champions Yacht Club, which offers the very out of the box and appealing concept of co-ownership of a sea vessel. As per this concept many people can own the same yacht by sharing its cost.

No Overheads with CYC Fractional Ownership for Vijayawada

Champions Yacht Club came up with the concept only to bring relief to people who can and want to own a yacht club but are shying away considering its overheads like maintenance and management of the vessel and crew. What this concept does is provide you with partial ownership of a luxury yacht with few other owners, while the parent company takes care of maintenance and management hassles. This is probably the biggest unique selling proposition that has made CYC Fractional Ownership for Vijayawada so popular amongst yacht fans across India.

Different fractional ownership packages

This fractional ownership packages entitle you to 25% ownership of a luxury yacht. The party cruise boat gives you couple of bedrooms along with a party deck that can host 50 to 200 guests. The packages include all membership benefits, 5 cruises per year, and 25 friends and family coupons per year. You get 20% of the Usage Weeks out of 30 operational weeks, which is 40 days in a year. Additional perks include unlimited sailing and non-motor boat activities and jetski/hovercraft rides; all free of cost. The entry level fractional ownership package costs Rs.75 Lakhs to 1.25 Crores onwards/ $112k to $187k. And then there is the top of the line fractional ownership package with Speed Ferry/ Fast Catamaran that costs in the range of 3 Crores to 20 Crores onwards / $448k to 3 Million. Write to us to explore what else we can offer as part of the fractional ownership packages. We will be delighted to help you.

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