A Dreamy Date of a Candle Light Dinner on a Luxury Yacht

Candle light dinners can never get overrated, especially if you make fond memories of them while sailing on beautiful Goan waters and gazing into the eyes of your loved one under the moon-lit sky. A romantic candle light dinner in Goa can’t get better than this.

You can have your own Titanic moment

This could be a fantastic opportunity to have your very own Titanic moment on your personalized boat charter. To make it better, we can even arrange a professional photographer to capture the special moments of your evening and give life to them for years to come. The open cruise deck stairs on some of our yachts can be the perfect backdrop for capturing such full of life and intimate moments.

Things that make your date even more special

The mesmerizing setting of a date on a yacht under twinkling stars becomes more special with lovely music, sumptuous food of your choice, decoration around the deck, exotic wines and cocktails and much more. Our experts get in touch with you well in advance to make a good note of how you want your evening to be. We take special care to pamper you with the best of what we have to offer.

A private deck

A romantic candle light dinner in Goa on a private yacht can be the right idea for you, especially if you are someone who likes having personal time away from the crowd. You get to enjoy your own private moment with your date without any outside disturbance, all while sailing on beautiful Goan rivers and seas. Even if it seems like a scene straight from a movie, we will make it come to life for you. If you can sense a lovely date round the corner, then why not surprise and blow his or her mind with an extravagant dinner date on a yacht in Goa. We are sure it would turn out to be one of the best surprises of their lifetime.

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