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Aug 5, 2015 Bangalore

Through its history, the Champions Yacht Club has been active in giving through its charitable efforts to reach into the community helping children, maritime communities and supporting environmental causes and consciousness. To bring all these activities together under one entity, the Club officially formed the Champions Yacht Club Charity Foundation in 2015. In the 6 months since its inauguration, the CYC Charity Foundation has implemented three charity activities.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • Inspire, motivate and support underprivileged children
  • Support retired mariners and other maritime communities
  • Embrace marine conservation and related initiatives

Support is offered through various initiatives, be it through fundraising for donations to causes or delivering positive experiences to those less fortunate either on or off the water. The Foundation also supports activities such as river clean ups, World Ocean Day and educational programmes to promote awareness of the ocean and its diversity.

The work we have done in the past, such as taking children out on boat trips, inviting groups, donations of toys and school supplies, visiting old seafarers and hospital children, engaging our beneficiaries at festive seasons, as well as the support we have given to various causes will continue, and will be actively built upon – with your help.

For on the water activities, the Foundation will be inviting needy children in Goa to experience watersports and the open waters. At the same time, they would learn about the related environmental issues affecting our rivers & seas. The children should gain a basic understanding of sailing, wind and weather as well as paddling in all of its forms, while developing their self-confidence and the importance of team work in life.

Onshore activities for all groups will include invitations to participate in seasonal events or talks on the sea and the environment.

Strong values of Our Charity Foundation rest with our specialization in sailing and rowing; our Eco friendly facilities and their proximity to Panjim and the sea; and the cultural diversity of our members and staff. The combination of all of these makes us unique in being able to offer a wide variety of opportunities to help those in need.

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