Bring your Brand Alive by Hosting your Next Corporate Event in Goa

The current business market is volatile and focusing on results and turnovers alone can’t help a business sustain for long. It is increasingly getting more and more about brand value and having a competitive edge, which eventually helps the bottom line. Champions Yacht Club welcomes you to give your business the much needed exposure in an innovative, engaging and inspirational way by hosting your next corporate event in Goa.

Planning a corporate event is easier said than done

It is a mounting task organising all aspects of a corporate event all by yourself, especially when you plan it at an outside location such as Goa. Whether it is about announcing a JV, addressing global partners, doing a product launch or just an annual corporate party, each of them come with their own list of nuances that are to be taken care of at the minutest levels.

Managing a Corporate Event with Precision

The success of a corporate event resonates for months that follow and we completely understand that. Our team of expert event planners will be by your side all throughout ensuring world class execution and timely delivery, all within your budget. Whether you want to host a formal corporate party or a regular annual corporate celebration, we promise to deliver you with the best solutions with all aspects of an event.

What do we Aim?

Through the corporate events that we organise in Goa our aim is to conclude an eventful and engaging event that leaves a lasting impact amongst the attendees. Over the years we have mastered the art of catering to all industries in private sectors around the globe. Right from lifestyle, luxury, fashion, technology, banking to right about any industry, we have worked with them all.

Type of Corporate Events we Organise

Here is a list of types of corporate events that we organise: Business/Sales Meetings | Product Launches | Grand Openings | Recognition/Award Events | Team Building/Outings | Holiday Parties | Tradeshows & Exhibitions | Theme Parties | Specialty Entertainment & Celebrity Bookings Media Design and Production (LED Displays) | Web and Internet Communications | Invitations & Announcements | Conferences | Seminars | Award Ceremonies | Gala Dinners | Networking Events | Company Anniversary & Annual Meetings

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