A business membership plan that provides organizations an opportunity to entertain clients, friends and family. It includes two advance reservations and allows for up to 5 employees or directors to be named as members.

See Membership Savings over a 25 lakh boat

Total Costs (over 3 years) Boat Ownership. Yacht Club Membership
Depreciation 9,00,0001 9,00,000
Loan Interest 9,00,000 0
Jetty Rental 5,00,000 0
Winter Storage 1,00,000  
Maintenance 2,50,000  
Insurance 2,50,000  
Fuel. @ cost. @cost
Enrolment Fee.   3,00,000
Membership Fees for 3 years.   6,00,000 or 3,00,000/year (includes 100 hours)
Usage of water front fun gear. None. Included
Total Costs 29,00,000 9,00,000

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