An Island Trip in Goa with Fishing and BBQ is a Fine Idea

Fishing in Goa is bliss for so many people for so many reasons. We at Champions Yacht Club give you one more reason to love Goa in the form of a tradional fishing, BBQ and island trip, which can be planned with us. The beautiful waters can be enjoyed even more with our customiszed fun trips that are full of different activities, relaxation and some sumptuous seafood from fresh catches of the day.

Here are some of our customiszed island tradational fishing trips with a horde of activities in each of them. Choose the one that suits your liking and go on a voyage to enjoy Goa like never before.

Dolphin Trips

On our fishing yacht club you can go on an excursion to watch Dolphins and if the luck is by your side you even get to take some pictures with these beautiful mammals. You get to cruise along Arabian Sea and spot Dolphins. You can enjoy fishing if you like and also indulge in some lip-smacking BBQ seafood during the trip.

Grand Island Cruise with Snorkeling and Monkey Beach

If you are a group of friends and families, choose this small but fun-filled excursion that is customiszed for smaller groups exclusively. You can enjoy a leisure cruise to Grand Island and watch Dolphins on your way. The BBQ seafood lunch adds to the whole fun of traditional fishing in Goa.

Fishing Cruises/ Crab Fishing

If you love fishing in Goa or if you are looking to try your hands at it for the first time, this package is the one for you. You can catch Indian Salmon, Red snapper, Groper or even Rock Fish. We can even teach you how to learn the art of fishing while you enjoy the whole experience amongst the submerged fields amidst palm trees and the mangrove.

Champions Island Picnic

Our yacht club is on own island can be your host for an amazing picnic day where you can enjoy a canoe ride while watching different playful creatures. You pass through different beautiful mangroves and also try your hand at traditional fishing with the help of our guide. Gorge on some fine BBQ seafood and other cuisines that we specialisze in.

Kayaking and Private Island Tour

If you are looking for a relaxing island trip on calm waters, where you can easily paddle your way and explore at your own pace, then we recommend this island tour. We take you to the beautiful Divar Island through winding mangrove creeks and on your way you also get to learn a lot about geological structure of the islands.

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