Speed Boat Rides in Goa

There is a growing popularity of boat and yacht rental services for Speed Boat Rides in Goa. More and more tourists are looking to make river cruising and cruise parties as part of their beach holiday and rightfully so given the unparalleled and extravagant experience cruises in Goa can offer.

Champions Yacht Club, which boasts of some of the best yachts and boats in Asia, is a well-known and popular yacht club in Goa. So, if you are looking to hire speed boats and yachts in Goa then the below mentioned detailed list can help you know more about our very wide range of offerings that you can choose from.

Our fleet and its grandeur-

Free Spirit

This is our flagship luxurious yacht that we are very proud of. The almost 40 feet sea vessel is equipped with up-class interior décor, glamorous exterior, and some very fine VIP class luxury cabins to name a few.

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Sea Breeze

At a staggering length of 59 feet this beautiful boat is as long as they come. If you have heard fantasy stories of cruises in Goa, it is our Sea Breeze that is known for hosting most of them. You can assure yourself an exotic stay with this one.

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Champion Cruiser Catamaran

Its open air deck area with a wide range of entertainment amenities onboard make it one of our most tempting offerings. This luxury boat is just the right one for cruise parties in Goa, celebrations, activities, etc.

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Champions Pontoon Cruiser

This boat charter takes the fun to a different level altogether. If you are looking for an intimate ambience on blue waters, this super sleek private yacht delivers just what you are looking for. On-board adventure activities further make it an exciting boat.

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Sun Ray 290

This all-rounder of a private boat is the perfect tool to take on beautiful seas of Goa. The dynamic stance of the boat calls out the adventurer and explorer in you in no time. This water ranger is known for its durability and ability to last really long.

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Rinker 260

The well-appointed cabin is one of the major highlights of this champion of a boat. Many in the industry have named this one as the best performer in its segment. To top it all, Rinker 260 is equipped with many entertainment and luxury features.

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Prestige 36

We call it the Flybridge Cruiser, which is not only beautiful but a very practical boat as well. It is known for just not letting you down whether you use it for smooth cruising or you take it into the raging waters against the winds. It can comfortably accommodate 6 guests and many more day visitors.

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Azimut 39

This is what smart boats look like. It is the perfect combination of luxury, beauty and performance. The built quality is par excellence and it ensures highest standards for comfort and safety as well. You can easily make some of the best moments of your life on this boat charter.

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Regal 2700

When you dream of luxury cruises in Goa, you probably picture something like this. If you are planning for weekend getaway or a kickass place to have some fun with your folks, our Regal 2700 is exactly what the doctor ordered. Irrespective of how you like your private yachts to be, you are going to love this one for being so accommodative in all aspects.

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Sunsail 50

If you are looking for the right boat and yacht rental solutions in Goa, our Sunsail 50 can potentially cater to all your needs. On functionality front this luxury boat is bang on and it doesn’t let you down on luxury front as well. Overall it is the perfect blend of smartness and competency.

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House Boat

The Goan house boat is surprisingly popular amongst the tourists in Goa as well. It is no more just a privilege in Kerala but the backwaters of Goa can also be enjoyed on these beautiful house boats.

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