The best way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year- Host a New Year Party in Goa

There's a mixed feeling everyone gets when a year is ending and new one begins- there's hope, thrill and happiness while all step into the New Year. Which is why, we all choose to celebrate the evening in traditional ways. However, change is good- one of the best ways to enter into the New Year is to rent a yacht and celebrate New Year's in Goa.

Goa is one of the only beautiful locations in the world with so many liberties- host a yacht new year party whichever way you wish to, for as long as you want. The party can be an overnight one with an overnight stay in yacht or a simple, elegant fine dining candle light dinner in Goa.

Plan the party of your life with Champions yacht Club New Year Party in Goa package

Of course, your private cruise in Goa is a matter of your choice & the occasion you choose to celebrate. The theme, the activities on-board, and your comfort – leave it all to us & we will tailor-make every detail to match your taste & requirements! This way, you are in total control of your Cruise in Goa - private & personalised to enjoy it in your own way!

Here's why Goa is the right location to host and enjoy New Year Parties in Goa 2019
  • No restrictions- Party all night long. That's what Goa's policy. There are no restrictions for party animals, especially when you charter a yacht and host the party your desire. A romantic candle light dinner on New Year's eve or a fun, charming party- it's your choice!
  • Enjoy the lovely view of fireworks. Goa is a very Christmas-y location and ensure the festival is celebrated with lots of joy and fireworks as well. A variety of fireworks are lit which come in from different parts of the world. Such beautiful fireworks will leave your jaws open in awe. Also, you do not really have to pay for it yet, enjoy its view!
  • Lanterns at midnight. This is a tradition which the whole of Goa takes care of. At midnight, Goa is full of lanterns which is not just beautiful to look at but, is a symbol of hope. This must not be missed out on- it's lovely and nowhere to be found in the world.
  • Check out the busy city from a distance. Be free of the crowd yet, enjoy the rice lights all over the place and enjoy the view too. The beauty of yacht chartering in Goa is that you'd be off the streets and enjoy Goa from a different perspective- a better one.
  • Goa New Year 2019 adventures await. If you feel adventurous on board, there are multiple water sports in Goa we have license for in order to train you and help you enjoy them. Some of the water sports include zorbing, parasailing, jet skiing and more.

Yacht Party is the Ultimate Experience in Goa- Know more about Champions Yacht Club

Champions Yacht Club is a leading yacht rental company in Goa and provides with a variety of amenities unlike any other yacht brands. We're open for our Goa New Year Party 2018 booking with the best Goa event plans, dining spaces, lovely decks, exceptional cabins and a kids zone too.

Here's why you'll love Champions Yacht Club's New Year Party Package in Goa:

  • Spend the night in our yacht, in the best of luxury cabins which are all designed for comfort and luxury living styles
  • Glare at the beauty of the coast like never before from the upper deck as the backwaters open into the sea
  • Explore and experience Goa like never before- and more!

Are you ready for the party of the millennium? Because Champions Yacht Club is ready for you!

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