Spice things up in Goa- Try out our Yacht and Enjoy an Overnight Stay in Goa

Goa is beautiful, versatile and much more- everyone knows it. There are people across the globe who have visited Goa several times and first timers too. No matter what the case is, here's an exciting offer for you- try out Champions Yacht Club night cruise stay in Goa by Mandovi River. Experience something magical- live in luxury rooms like never before at the most exciting package rates.

Make Memories to Cherish on a Night Cruise in Goa

Thinking of whisking your better half on a romantic getaway? What can be better than Goa? With its tranquil beaches and soft waves, it is the epitome of romance. However, how about we make things even better by offering you a wonderful night cruise in Goa?

You are no more along the shore but right in the middle of the sea, in a blissful company of your partner. If your plans for an overnight yacht stay in Goa or maybe a bit beyond that, then you have to try Champions Yacht Club’s night cruise in the beach state, right by the Mandovi river. We promise a journey of romance blended in the velvet plush of luxury that will make your time here, unforgettable.

Indulge in an Unusual and Yet Exciting Experience

Signature Celebrations

We have special Champions luxury cruises where you can renew all your vows in style and on the mystical blue sea.

Island Adventure

Ride to the Divar Island in an elegant Pontoon Cruiser and indulge in kayaking, zorbing, and other fun activities with your loved one.

Incredible Nightlife

Turning your life's special moments into unforgettable celebrations with our fine dining, jazz, music, movies, and lots more.

Experience the Right Retreat with Us

All Exclusive. All Suites. All Included.

When we say “retreat,” we really mean it. It isn’t just a service. It isn’t a place. It isn’t an amenity. In fact, it’s our whole suite experience, which is available to each special suite guest like you. We are one of the best premium cruise lines offering you an ultimate overnight stay in Goa.

We have the best private restaurants, exclusive lounges, and professional butlers. Together with well-admired designers and experts, we have created “perfection” just to ensure that you experience modern luxury the moment you step in.

Champions Yacht Club is popularly known for its hospitable services- not only we ensure 100% safety, our crew is available for you 24*7 and other amenities like:
  • An open deck
  • Personal DJ
  • Customized cruise packages
  • Gourmet quality restaurant food

Relish a Feast of Flavours with our Cruises

To make your Night Cruise in Goa even more memorable and contended, we have brilliant chefs onboard to make sure that you have an authentic and yet scrumptious experience with food. We are sure, our dishes will open your world and expand your horizons like never before.

Unveil a mouthwatering sea journey featuring excellent culinary experts and internationally inspired cuisines as you sail. Our culinary endeavors feature amazing onboard dining events and fine cooking with the most delicious menus. So, step inside and discover fresh ways to delight your palate and take your holiday to a whole new level.

Why Choose Our Goa Cruise Night Stay?

We are renowned for our impeccable hospitable services. We, at Champions Yacht Club, not only make sure that your experience is unusual but is also 100% safe. Our crew is there at your service 24/7.

Our top-class amenities include:
  • Spacious Open Deck
  • Professional and Personal DJ
  • Customized cruise packages
  • Bluetooth-enabled music System
  • High-speed Wi-Fi Connection
  • Mobile charging and LED Television sets

How do we Make your Goa Cruise Night Stay More Special?

During your stay, you might be lucky to get a glimpse of a few lovely Dolphins dancing in the waters! Luxury dining, sightseeing, cultural entertainment, and much more is what we assure you. Experience Goa in the most outlandish way and engage in appetizing dinner cruise, enabling you to relish charming excursions with your soul mate.

We are admired for offering brilliant multi-cuisine spreads on our decks, which you can certainly enjoy during your overnight stay. To make your Goa cruising exceptional, we also offer different facilities, which are highlighted below.

  • Live music, movie on deck, and dance
  • Breathtaking underwater life
  • Diverse yacht options
  • Hygienic & Quality restaurant food
  • Thrilling adventure boats
  • Water sports activities

3 More Reasons to Love Your Overnight Stay in Goa with us

Enjoy Goa the best at night cruise in Goa, when everyone’s asleep. Adore that peace and silence with your soul mate right under those bright stars. It’s truly the time to experience and explore Goa like never before!

  • The Best luxury cabins designed for style and comfort
  • Wider and open upper deck spaces to glare at the coast
  • Enjoy a wide array of adventure sports and sightseeing

Stay on a Night Cruise in Goa with Style and Sophistication

We firmly believe that travel makes every individual better. We truly believe in opening up the world. That’s why we are here to help every vacationer comprehend and appreciate the worth of travel. Considering these, our cruises are sure to encourage you to sail beyond your own boundaries and expand your horizons.

Our luxury cruises are a sign of extravagance, the mark of modern spaces, which are not just coolly sophisticated but also warmly inviting. Whether it’s the culinary experience or ambience, we are here to provide an intuitive and a seamless service that’s personal as well as unobtrusive.

Here’s your opportunity to dip your toes into onboard activities, bars entertainment, and lots more so that whenever you cruise, you are prepared to dive first into the amusement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whenever you book a cruise for a night stay to relish the grandness of a city apart from the bays of the lakes, ocean, rivers, etc., it is called a dinner cruise.

The perfect time to see Goa is from Mid-November to Mid-February. The weather during these months is pleasantly comfortable and cool. This makes you to enjoy our night cruises even more.

We offer a wide range of fun activities at the best rates possible. However, this also depends on the type of package you choose. We provide:

  • Cruising and water sports
  • Zorbing, Ringo Ride, Banana Boat Rides
  • Indoor games
  • Boat parties
  • Heritage tours
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Zorbing

Yes. They are 100% safe. We have certified safety management systems implemented to look after the safety characteristics of all our luxury yachts. We regularly upgrade our yachts to make sure they meet the standards and are free from any malfunctions.

A smooth-running yacht says everything about its squad. Our crew members are friendly, polite, motivated, qualified, and experienced. We have hired nothing but the best just to ensure that your journey is beautiful. The moment you are aboard, we take complete care of your needs.

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