Through Champion's Fractional Yacht Ownership Program you can experience all the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassles of staffing, maintaining,or servicing your yacht at just fraction of the cost. All you have to do is step on board

Welcome to a unique luxury cruising experience at Goa, Vijayawada, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Singapore and Dubai. If cruising on a luxury yacht has always been on your Bucket List, but the hassles of vessel & crew maintenance, docking, etc., have killed those dreams, here’s the opportunity to make it a reality.

Welcome on board the Champions Yacht Club Fractional Ownership program. A fabulous concept of ownership where several people can own a share of a specific luxury yacht or catamaran cruiser, with rooms to stay on board.

Whilst the Fractional membership allows you to split the cost of purchasing and managing the asset with a fixed a set of owners, Champions Yacht Club will handle all aspects of yacht management. Letting you free to enjoy the pleasures of cruising, unencumbered by the hassles of managing the vessel.

Why is it helpful?

Fractional Ownership is a method of ownership where several people can jointly own & share an expensive asset.

Fractional owners don't have to spend huge amounts to own & maintain the entire asset. Company ownership and other management responsibilities are taken care of by the principal owners. Fractional owners get to customize their usage criteria in terms of purchase, enabling them to enjoy their prized assets, without hassle.

Fractional Ownership - Our Offer!!!

Most yacht owners in India use their assets only a few months each year, yet have to pay high maintenance costs for the entire year. Champions Yacht Club resolves this issue with the Fractional Ownership concept, specifically for Luxury Yachts and Catamaran Cruisers available at our Goa, Vijayawada, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Singapore and Dubai facilities.


Fractional Ownership FAQ's

Fractional membership is a business concept that has been around for decades. It is a method of ownership where several people can own a share in an expensive asset. A Typical Boat or Yacht can be in its prime for a guaranteed 10 years period. Investors choose a fractional membership approach to investment when they do not want to spend the amount of money required to own the entire asset and they do not want all of the risk or hassle that accompanies ownership of the entire asset. Champions Yacht Club has pioneered the use of fractional ownership applied to a specific class of asset, the luxury yachts and catamaran cruisers with rooms to stay on board.

Fractional membership splits the cost of purchasing the asset and managing the asset across a set of owners. Because we handle the yacht management, the fractional owners are free to enjoy themselves and be removed from the management responsibilities. Each owner is free to use his/her share of the asset according to the terms of the purchase. We apply the fractional ownership concept to luxury yachts because most yacht owners only use their yachts for couple of months a year and the costs to acquire and maintain a yacht are immense.

At the heart of our concept are the following principles: secured ownership (no time-share!), flexible usage and shared costs. Four or less owners share costs of purchase and maintenance and can use their vessel for a guaranteed number of weeks/year. A 3-season-system for bookings and an online reservation system guarantee a fair and flexible allocation of time among the fractional owners. At Champions Yacht Club, you enjoy all the advantages of your own yacht with regard to access and utilization, but you pay only a portion of the costs. Champions Yacht Club assumes the total yacht management, i.e. you don’t have to worry about anything. Just come aboard.

In short your advantages includes:

  • Shared costs for purchase and maintenance
  • Motor yachts of renowned brands
  • Fair and flexible usage through 3-season system and online reservation
  • All-season yacht management & all-inclusive service package
  • Optional return for co-owners through Membership cost contribution
  • Real secure ownership without any time limit

2 bedroom Cruise Boat - with Open Deck seating Top Desk seating for 120 Vijayawada, India 2016-17 25% 50+ 75 Lakh
Super Yacht - Bennetti Delfino Mumbai, India 2016-17 25% 50+ 5 Crore
Super Yacht - Bennetti Delfino Goa, India 2016-17 25% 50+ 5 Crore
Super Yacht - Bennetti Delfino Vishakapatnam, India 2016-17 25% 50+ 5 Crore
  • Yacht Lite Program @ Goa: Champions Yacht Club "Yacht Lite" Program is a Fractional membership program perfect for members who want the yachting experience with no hassles and no waste of their hard earned capital. We have owners in the Champions Yacht Club Fractional membership Program who own as less as 33% of a yacht to 50% to 66% through to 75%.
  • Fractional Yacht Membership for business: Fractional Membership Concept - Yacht Investment@1 crore Fractional Member Investment. With each 1 Crore investment you get 3000 Room Night Points over 10 years (300 Room night points/year). You pay your share of the yearly operating expenses for the yacht which is estimated at 9% of your total initial investment (this includes yearly maintenance, crew salaries, insurance, docking and cruising operational expenses)
  • Super Yacht Gold (Membership Program): 50+ days to use over 10 years @ 250 Room Night Points/Year. Room Night Usage Value: INR 25,00,00,000
  • Yacht Lite (Membership Program): 50+ days to use over 10 years @ 250 Room Night Points/Year. Room Night Usage Value: INR 5,00,00,000
  • Fractional Ownership Speed Ferry / Fast Catamaran : Includes all membership benefits and 5 Cruise sessions per year. 3 Cr to 20 Cr onwards / $ 448k to 3 Million. Unlimited Sailing and Non-Motor boat activities & Jetski / Hovercraft Rides included free of cost

Champions Yacht Club offers 3 classes: SPORTS, EXECUTIVE and LUXURY, covering a wide range of 45- to 150-foot luxury yachts from established brands.

Catamaran Yacht SEABREEZE with 5 Bedrooms, 1 lounge and Top Deck seating for 45
Catamaran Yacht FREESPIRIT with 4 Bedrooms and Top Deck seating for 30
2 Bedroom Cruise Boat - with Open Deck seating Top Deck seating for 120
Super Yacht - Bennetti Delfino
Super Yacht - Bennetti Delfino
Super Yacht - Bennetti Delfino

Champions Yacht Club is committed to only offering yachts in excellent condition. All newly purchased yachts are carefully inspected. We do not purchase any pre-owned yachts unless they have first been approved by a profession independent marine surveyor. When submitting a quotation to a prospective client, Champions Yacht Club includes detailed specifications, descriptions and photographs of the yacht.

Prospective clients are welcome to inspect offered yachts at the current locations by prior arrangement.

Every yacht is fully insured against all kinds of damage caused by collision or natural forces. There is also a liability insurance policy covering damage caused to third parties by the yacht or its crew. Crew members are also covered by medical, accident and liability insurance.

Champions Yacht Club is absolutely committed to providing the best possible client care and service. We hire, train and instruct all crew and service team members ourselves, while stressing safety, reliability, service and hospitality at all times. This enables us to provide consistently competent service and flexibly to deploy our resources. For additional services Champions Yacht Club relies exclusively on a network of professional providers.

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