Make Your Special Occasions Even Grander Celebrating it on a Luxury Yacht

We have all celebrated different events of our closed ones at different places in different ways, but very few of us consider or even imagine of doing it while sailing on a yacht. Whether it is your birthday, bachelor party, engagement ceremony, marriage ceremony, wedding anniversary or any other special occasion, there can never be a greater way of celebrating it than on a boat charter. Champions Yacht Club offers some of the most awesome yacht packages for special occasions that can help you make a statement with your celebration while also ensuring you don’t end up spending a bomb..

Different Events We Love Hosting on Waters

The whole concept of sailing on a private yacht with only the people that you want around can make for an occasion for itself. We can tell this by experience! But what we have helped our customers with goes beyond this. To set the record straight, we can host right about any event or any special occasion on a private yacht chartered by you. Following is the list of just few events, ceremonies and other special occasions that we can help you celebrate on a yacht by customizing everything around your needs and ideas.x Wedding ceremony, Pre-wedding ceremony/engagement ceremony, Birthday celebration, Bachelor party, Corporate events, Team building activities, Reunion party, Marriage anniversary and much more

Make Every Moment a Special Occasion

The breathtaking views around a yacht sailing in the middle of rivers and seas can naturally make any moment a very special one. We understand this being a yacht club that has a rich history in the industry. We go beyond the conventional celebrations and also arrange romantic dinners, pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots, cruise parties, etc. What we specially take pride in is our capabilities to understand the idea and concept of your party and customise our offerings completely to suit your celebrations.

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