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Corporate Team Building Events at the Champions Yacht Club, Goa

Outdoor team building exercises provide experiential learning that enhances the teams and individual’s ability to improve behaviour, attitude, thinking, teamwork and leadership.

The natural environment helps to eliminate personal and professional barriers and enables the team to work towards achieving common goals. The Champions Yacht Club is pleased to offer a host of such fun and adventurous Team building activities in Goa.

The focus is on developing a positive workforce and to create "best in class" teams that are integrated together in order to collectively achieve organizational goals.

Numerous Benefits through Team Building Activities @ Champions Yacht

  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses of individual's and teams
  • Developing ways to increase communication and collaboration
  • Working in alignment with work procedures and policies
  • Integrating new employees into teams
  • Enhancing productivity and work efficiency
  • Developing leadership and generating enthusiasm
  • Improving decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Fostering problem solving cohesively to generate results with lesser turnaround time
  • Encouraging creativity and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts and developing positive work relationships

All in all these fun team building activities ensure that the workplace is more enjoyable and a contented workforce is devoted towards the business goals of the organisation.

Activity Chart

At the Champions Yacht Club, we have some very exclusive beach front locations to conduct beach activities, team building activities and some exciting options for water sports activities.

The objective of these fun activities is to create energetic and passionate teams that come together in a fun and adventurous environment. The purpose is to enable individuals to bring out their best skills-sets and solve challenges together as a team.

This is bound to create cohesive and collaborative teams that display the same learning at the work place. Team activities such as these have time and again proven to improve performance, productivity, creativity, decision making, conflict resolution, trust and more. The expert team at Champions club has successfully conducted a series of customized fun-team building activities for corporates and individuals.

We have a vast repository of activities that can be exclusively customized to suit your needs and preferences. Shared below are a few activities for the purpose of understanding the nature of the activities we could facilitate for your teams.


Team Sand Castle Build

Create innovative, beautiful sand sculptures with a wild assortment of materials for sunny team fun!


Beach Olympics

Who knew that frolicking on the beach in sportswear could be classed as work? Well, it can! Teams join forces to compete games, activities, tasks and sand sculpting in Beach Olympics. All activity sessions are designed to cater for a range of fitness levels and are adaptable to any location.


Tug of war

"The beauty of tug of war is in four areas: Art, wisdom, science and humanity. It's an art because it is a demonstration between power and rhythm. The wisdom is in the perfect balance of still and movement. It is a science because of the integration of science and strength. And its humanity as it’s a war of peace, it‘s a strong team linked together with a rope."


Wheel Barrow Race

Ignite the competitive spirit, fervour and passion with a gamut of hilarious competitive beach events! This activity can be played regardless of one’s physical fitness levels.


Beach Cricket

This is a fun, high energy outdoor team-building activity which will enhance interaction and team bonding. Team spirit and determination are the keys to success.


Beer Here Now

"To Beer or Not to Beer" is not the question! Savour the moment with high-end beers and fun food pairing on the beach.


Kayak Race

Besides a memorable experience, this activity gives participants the opportunity to develop essential teamwork skills including communication, leadership, and planning while spreading fun.


Team Quest

Communication and collaboration is the core focus of this activity that enables individuals’ to effectively communicate with peers and customers across challenging situations.


Team Mixology

Create the perfect team while mixing perfect team strengths & spirit on the beach!


Beach Volleyball

Choose to be a leader, an organizer or consigliore. Whatever you choose, let the moment take you over.


The Final Game

An absolute fun activity that requires teams to energetically compete with each other, make use of the available resources to win as champions.

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