Party on Private Boats and Yachts
Go beyond Discotheques

If you are someone who loves partying and hanging around with friends, go beyond conventions this time and try our boat parties & yacht parties with DJ. Irrespective of why you are partying, we assure you an experience you wouldn’t have had before. With a DJ onboard and a dance floor to accommodate 50-200 people, our yachts are known for the ravishing DJ parties we host.

Throw a Party your Closed Ones won't Forget

We offer all and still want you to take control. Whether it is a birthday celebration, wedding anniversary, pre-wedding party, bachelor party or party for no reason, Champions Yacht Club has got you covered with features and services that are world class. We work closely with you to ensure your friends and families relax and have a gala time just the way you want them to.

What to Expect from our Boat Parties

As you slip down the backwaters and lose yourself to the vibes from the DJs onboard, you can expect nothing short of a magical moment. Right from the planning stage till the end we ensure that we are in sync with your expectations, whether it is with respect to food, beverages, type of music, theme of party, and other arrangements throughout the yacht. You need not get overwhelmed with pricing of yacht rentals you listen to all around you, as Champions Yacht Club will make sure that you get the best of everything well within your budget.

Scenic Beauties you enjoy while Partying

It would be an understatement to say that a boat party goes a long way in also bringing you close to nature. The perks are not just limited to partying. As the boat cruises through different backwaters you get to see some of the most picturesque locales that you have never heard or seen of. Right from backwaters, to secluded Islands, to changing climates as you transition from rivers to seas, everything brings you close to nature and rejuvenates your body and soul in no time.

We have standard packages for different parties and occasions but we fully believe in personalizing everything as per our clients. You get the duration for which you want the yacht and you get to plan how you want to host your party. If boat parties & yacht parties with DJ catches your fantasy, reach out to us and together we can plan how to bring the roof down when you throw your next party.

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